The Foundations of Wrestling

"What sets wrestling apart?"


Folkstyle, or collegiate wrestling is widely practised throughout the United States of America. This style of wrestling is a collaboration of Greco-Roman, Freestyle and Judo. The Wrestling Foundation focuses on the fundamentals of folkstyle wrestling which includes stance positioning, establishing dominant control, and learning escapes and reversals. We continuously drill positions and moves in the practice room so they become automatic in a live wrestling situation/competition. There is an emphasis on conditioning, for explosive movement and stamina.


Wrestling is not only a sport but also an effective form of self-defence. Individuals learn how to control their opponent without the use of punching, kicking or submissions. Instead, wrestling uses offence, defence, and timing, to execute manoeuvres


It is often asked by athletes/coaches in MMA and u Jitsu, “what sets wrestling apart”? Intensity. Plain and simple. Wrestlers are taught in the very early stages how to use constant pressure and intensity in order to break down your opponents. It's widely known that many successful MMA fighters today such as Jon Jones, Frank Edgar, Chael Sonnen, Randy Couture, Dan Cormier and Dan Henderson, all have their foundation
in wrestling.




Gary Jones - Head Coach


With over 15 years of competitive wrestling combined with 10 years of international coaching,
Gary Jones knows wrestling. 


Gary began wrestling at the age of 8 years old for Stafford Wrestling Club, which was founded and established by his father Steve Jones. Stafford Wrestling Club has seen over 50-75 kids participate on an annual basis since the late 80s. This is where Gary learned and cultivated his love and passion for the sport. By the age of 12, Gary had competed in over 64 tournaments and wrestled over 250 matches. From 13 to 18 years, Gary began perfecting his technique and built on the foundations he had learned at the club level. While wrestling at Southern Regional High School he represented his school for 6 consecutive years winning over 125 varsity matches and was 3 time district champion, region champion and 2 time state top 12 finisher. As a tea,m they continuously placed in the top 10, out of 350 plus teams, for the state of New Jersey.


After a successful High School Wrestling Career, Gary continued his passion for wrestling for a Div III Powerhouse at the College of New Jersey. Wrestling under David Isenhower, one of Americas most winningest coaches of any sport at the NCAA level, Gary learned how to be part of a wrestling program and competed at the highest level in the USA. While wrestling at the College of New Jersey, Gary placed top 8 in the nation and helped his team to a top 10 placing 4 years in a row.


Due to injury Gary’s competitive career turned to teaching/coaching wrestling at a high school level in the USA before moving to Australia and coaching in Sydney gyms for the past 4 years including Langes, VT1, and the UFC gym in Alexandria. In the USA gary has wrestled alongside Olympic wrestler Jordan Buroughs and competed against some of MMAs and the UFCs best such as Frank Edgar, Kurt Pellegrino, and Nick Catone. And here in Australi,a he has coached Australia's top MMA and UFC fighters.


Gary’s competitive experience and coaching knowledge places him in the elite of wrestling coaches here in Australia, but what sets him apart is his passion and drive to cultivate a wrestling culture in the community
and nation.