The Foundations of Wrestling

Wrestling is not only a sport, but also an effective form of self-defense. Individuals learn how to control their opponent without the use of punching, kicking or submissions. Instead, wrestling uses offense, defense, and timing, to execute maneuvers. 



Wrestling is one of the most widely practised and oldest sports in the world allowing you to take part in a timeless sport.



The Wrestling Foundation places a strong emphasis on building friendships and camaraderie based on effort in training.

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Wrestling gives children an avenue to learn the virtues of hard work and discipline in a way that is fun and helps them mature into adults.



Wrestling also allows adults to rediscover the joy of play as wrestling becomes a physical game that is enjoyable and also keeps you in good shape.

What sets our wrestling apart?

Folkstyle, or collegiate wrestling is widely practiced throughout the United States of America. This style of wrestling is a collaboration of Greco-Roman, Freestyle and Judo. The Wrestling Foundation focuses on the fundamentals of folkstyle wrestling which includes stance positioning, establishing dominant control, and learning escapes and reversals. We continuously drill positions and moves in the practice room so they become automatic in a live wrestling situation/competition. There is an emphasis on conditioning, for explosive movement and stamina.

"I'm lucky to be part of a class that has a structure, syllabus and clear progressions. Many coaches I have had previously did not have the coaching prowess and class plans to back it up. All in all it is a great pleasure to be a part of such a great team with a real wrestling coach. "

- Richy Walsh

“Gary is not just a phenomenal wrestler and an excellent coach, but he runs a well structured program. It allows anybody to enjoy the classes and discover why he is so passionate about the art. It's highly recommended to get on the mat and experience it for yourself." 

- Liam Resnekov

Our Style of Wrestling

American folkstyle wrestling is the style that is taught in the education system across America from high schools to the most prestigious colleges in the world where scholarships are granted for wrestling abilities. Ivy league colleges such as Yale, Columbia, Harvard and Princeton all have wrestling programs that they value highly for their students.