of Wrestling


This workshop aims to provide not only basic moves and techniques but also introduces the wrestling mentality. We will focus on stance and positions, basic take-downs and top and bottom control. Drills: spin, pummel.

Set Ups
& Basic


In this series we expand on our take-down offense.  Here we teach about the importance of set-ups and positioning. We cover basic doubles, single leg,
and hi-crotch take-downs.

Single Leg
& Finish

In this series we look at the single leg attack.  There are a variety of single legs that cater to different situations as well as individuals.  We will cover set-ups, the attack, and the securing the finish.

Underhook & Russian Tie Series

This workshop offers techniques to control the upper body of your opponent.  Here we look at a variety of set ups. We breakdown hand, body, and head positions. 

Takedown Defence

This workshop focuses defense, both on our feet and on the mat.  We focus not only on having great defense, but how to turn our defense into our offense.

On the Mat Wrestling: Beginner

Wrestling is often won on the mat.  In this workshop we focus on some basic top control techniques, breakdowns, and finishes.  We also introduce bottom wrestling and learn how to escape and reverse positions.

On the Mat Wrestling: Advanced

In this workshop we focus on advance top and bottom techniques and drills and breakdown each move into finer components.

Match and Fight Prep

In this workshop we give you skills/drills programs. The program is tailored to the individual/team and upcoming competition whether it be preparation for a Footy, MMA, Jiu Jitsu, and Wrestling.

Customise your own

The Wrestling Foundation can create a workshop or series specific to your sporting team, club or gym. We also travel Australia wide.