With pre season about to start a lot of teams are looking for new training ideas to keep the players motivated and to encourage them learn new skills.

Its common today to see Ju Jitsu coaches teaching wrestling to footy teams. Ju Jitsu is an incredible skill…BUT WRESTLING is tailor made for Footy, and the best way to learn wrestling is from wrestlers!!

Wrestlers are the experts in takedowns and ground control.

Through wrestling, you can be confident that your team is receiving the best possible techniques for taking down and controlling your opponent.

We breakdown positions from where we are putting our head and hands to where we are driving through our opponents with a good level change.

Wrestling is extremely physical, explosive, and demands a high level of intensity.

We condition ourselves to endure impact from takedowns much like in footy. So wrestling will help preserve the athletes health and body and encourages longevity in the sport.

If your interest in hearing more about our team programs, get in touch, and we can fill you in on how we can make our program work for you.

image source: www.sportsbanter.com.au

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