When first introduced to many of our MMA fighters, their first question was often this “Why is wrestling important for MMA?”. They wanted to know how our training would benefit them and improve technique, as not a lot was known about wrestling here in Australia.

Wrestling is a key component in the Mixed Martial Arts arena, as it teaches dominant control in multiple positions.

Wrestling also focuses on continuous pressure and being persistent and proactive. The reason wrestlers have a huge advantage in the MMA arena is that they're mentality is to create opportunities for takedowns and other dominate control rather than to wait and counter opponents actions.

Wrestling teaches relentless attack. If something is not working on opening up opponent then a wrestler move to other attacks.

Wrestling is a full body workout which constantly pushes the athlete to be in peak condition.

Its often said in the MMA arena that if the fighter has a wrestling background then they can control where the fight goes. This means if a wrestler wants to take the fight to the ground they can do so with great takedown offence and constant pressure on the mat. If the wrestler wanted to stay on they're feet and strike, they can as well with good sprawling and takedown defence.

Weigh Loss: Wrestlers learn from the very beginning about weight loss, how to control they’re diet, making weight in a safe manor, and staying well hydrated while making weight. This is a huge advantage for fighters in the MMA arena.

image source: highschoolsports.pennlive.com

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